Jobs in Australia – Examine the Great Reason For Moving to Australia


As the world’s major industrialized countries struggle to withstand the global economic turmoil, Australia is almost unscathed. With the unemployment rate hovering around 5.4%, Australia is wealthier than other developed countries in the world. For example, the unemployment rate in the United Kingdom is 8.0%, France is 9.7%, and the United States is 9.9%. The lower unemployment rate means that jobs in Australia are easier to obtain.

Job Opportunities in Australia

Immigrants moved to Australia in record numbers, mainly because they wanted to take advantage of good job opportunities. In fact, Australia has not changed much in recent years. Over the past decade, Australia’s unemployment rate has been low. Australia has been and will continue to be a major destination for skilled and professional workers who wish to move to countries with a better quality of life. In addition, the Australian Immigration Service believes that there are still a large number of positions to be filled, so it has done its best to create a list.

The “Key Occupations List” issued by the Australian Immigration Service details the most needed occupations. Among the highest-level occupations, there are medical staff. From surgeons to nurses, the unemployment rate of medical staff is very low and job satisfaction is high. British immigrants with qualifications in the health field are moving to Australia in record numbers. Before being part of the study abroad program, many people had travelled to Australia to increase their education and training. The positive experiences they collected in Australia did not leave them, in fact, they decided to return permanently in the future.

For enthusiastic immigrants who do not have the skills listed on the key occupation list, nothing will be lost. Thousands of people move to Australia every year after successfully finding jobs that are more suitable for them but not yet on the list.

Some people want to know how Australia continues to record such low unemployment rates year after year. In terms of territory, Australia is a big country. Although the total amount of land on the continent makes Australia the sixth largest country in the world, its population is very small. In terms of population size, Australia ranks 55th. This means there is a lot of room for growth, and Australia will still provide excellent jobs for many years to come.