Living and working in Spain


Finding a job in Spain is not easy, especially outside the big cities
Sometimes cities where the unemployment rate may be high. If you are a member
European Union countries/regions, then you have automatic rights to live and work
In Spain, but if not, you may get a residence permit
It is time-consuming and frustrating. Also necessary for non-Europeans
Get their work approved by the Spanish Ministry
Labor (Ministerio de Trabajo) and obtain a visa before entering

Working in Spain-seasonal work

Usually, the main tourist has a lot of work to do
Vacation from early May to the end of September
This mainly includes jobs in the hotel and catering industry,
A lot of casual bar work usually offered in English pubs. This one
Although you can improve the type of work, the salary is low
Your salary has tips, but the advantage is that it is very easy
It is not necessary to speak Spanish. So if you
Just want to work in Spain in the summer, then this type of job may
Best to you.

If you are not in the country, you may not be able to arrange it
Although, just approaching the bar owner or looking for vacancies
advertising. At the local English publishing house.

Construction industry

In recent years, the construction industry has boomed in many parts of Spain.
Many foreigners are employed in the construction industry. however
Since most construction sites are in Spanish, you need to
Have a basic understanding of language in order to be able to
Find and hold a job.


Many people turn the best way of doing business to Spain
The way to earn a living in Spain. However, for this unprepared road, you can
The best advice I can give is to do your homework and remember the old adage: “If you are not prepared, be prepared to fail.” Get good advice from famous experts
The legal requirements for your specific business, the opening permit,
Tax declaration, etc. Talking to others is a good idea
People who start their own business from there and learn from their mistakes.

Right and wrong There are many foreigners living in Spain
Like to hire people who can speak English, so there are many opportunities
Suitable for builders, plumbers, electricians, mechanics, cleaners, hairdressers, beauticians
Wait, everyone is determined to pass the red tape and establish
Business should be good in the end.

For any kind of work in Spain, you need to obtain N.I.E.
(Numero de identificacion de extranjero), you can pass
Oficina de Extranjeros, (Foreigners Office) is at your local police station.

Illegal employment

Illegal employment is booming in Spain. It is estimated that up to 25% of the statutory GDP is attributed to the black economy, and the actual unemployment rate is at least 10% lower than the official government figure.

Many unscrupulous employers use illegal workers to avoid paying high social security payments and are able to pay lower wages and poor working conditions for long periods of time. When prosecuting offenders (including employees and employers), they are usually fined!