Australia tourist visa options-check out the available options that suit you before immigrating


Congratulations! You want to fly to Australia! Afterward, you will have time to explore the interior and then relax on the beach. But wait a moment, have you obtained an Australian travel visa?

Except for residents of New Zealand, all visitors need a visa to enter Australia. Yes, there is more than one type; but in this article, we will only introduce one: your Australian travel visa option as a tourist. Whether you are going for a leisure holiday or meeting with friends and family, these are the four visa options open to you.

ETA (subclass 976)

ETA is short for Electronic Travel Agency. This option is currently open to passport holders from 32 countries/regions, including Canada, the United Kingdom, the United States, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, and most Scandinavian and European countries. If you are a national of the above-mentioned countries/regions, you can apply for an ETA with the Immigration Bureau and charge a cool and non-refundable service fee of $20.

Or, you can get the ETA through a travel agency, the average cost is $25. ETA replaces the ordinary visa stamped in your passport.

Tourists (class 676)

If you already have an ETA, you do not need to obtain a short-term tourist visa. However, what if you are from a country that does not qualify for ETA? What if you stay for more than three months? In both cases, you will need to obtain a tourist visa. The standard price is US$70, and one entry can stay for up to one year. You can use it within 12 months after release.

Sponsor family visitors (679 categories)

Planning to stay with your family for a year? Sponsoring a family visitor visa allows you to do just that. To qualify, you must obtain a formal guarantee from a permanent resident or Australian resident.

Working holidaymaker

You can only apply for this visa from any Australian diplomatic mission overseas. This is for

Only visitors from certain countries.
Only visitors aged 18-30.
Visitors who intend to stay for one year.
Visitors who plan to work part-time.
If you know what to do, getting an Australian travel visa will be easy. Before you jump to the smallest continent in the world, please prepare and travel easily.